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Life is meant to be enjoyed, and our mission is to make the best moments all the more enjoyable. Here, you’ll find wholesome treats and decadent sweets with ingredients you can feel great about. So go ahead, indulge!


Our products are USDA-certified organic. That means no chemicals are used during farming, and humane treatment of animals is always ensured.

Healthy Choice

We have thoroughly vetted every ingredient in our products to ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting.


Clean label shoppers love our GMO-free mixes made with pure, all-natural ingredients.


We focus on health and quality without ever compromising our flavor. That’s why we’re in the business of sweets, after all!

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A delicious blend of Organic ingredients.

Making Memories

Tomorrow’s nostalgia is formed from happy, everyday moments.

In a whirring modern world, we are proud to serve items that have been putting smiles on faces for decades.

Celebrate with wholesome, all-time favorites that families have been enjoying for years.

A Strong Legacy

Believe it or not, the European Gourmet Bakery that you know and love today developed from a family-owned enterprise.

That company’s main ingredient?

Baking soda! Since 1981, we’ve continued to keep things simple, and have found that children and adults alike don’t need anything fancy to sweeten the deal.

Silky, smooth, and oh-so-wholesome!

Take your cakes to the next level with our luxuriously textured, all-natural Organic Icing

German Streusel Mix

German Streusel Mix

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This delicious fruit cake with a crumbly topping is also know as a crumb cake. You won't find one you like better than the one that our mix offers. So easy and delicious, you'll wonder why you don't make them more often.


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